Why Cash Is NOT King!

You’ve probably heard the old saying that Cash Is King…right? What if it’s not?

As business owners and leaders, the odds can feel like they’re stacked against us. With more than 90% of new businesses not making it through the first five years, and their demise often attributed to inadequate funding (wrong, but that’s for another day) it’s easy to understand why so many businesses chase the money. But there’s another currency you should be chasing instead.


Harold Geneen once said, “In business, everyone is paid in two coins: cash and experience. Take the experience first; the cash will come later.”

Chasing the cash turns every customer interaction into a transaction. The truth is, this is very transparent to the customer, and many times they are fine with that. But there it also prevents the development of a relationship and any semblance of customer loyalty.

Now, I’m not saying you should do the work for free, but do consider what you are gaining from every interaction. There is something you can learn…and that might be worth much more than cash!

So You’re Too Busy?

So, how have you been? How’s the business?

I find myself asking this question a lot at networking or other meetings where I’m running into people I know. It’s a pretty common greeting. Do you know what answer I get frequently? “Well, I’ve been pretty busy!” (or some variant of that)

While we’re taking a little break from the daily grind this week at the beach, I wanted to remind you that busy does not equal effective. In fact, it is a terrible measure of how things are going. The hamster is busy, and not moving an inch.

In my live workshop Making Time for Success, one of the key concepts addresses the mistaken idea that time management is about efficiency. The efficient use of time is to get more done is the same amount of time. This is wrong.

What you really want is the more effective use of your time…getting the right things done in the allotted time. This requires some hard decisions!

Right now, how many items are on your to-do list? I want you to take an honest inventory and identify everything on that list that, if you NEVER did them, nothing adverse would happen. You are probably like a lot of people that use a lengthy to-do list as a crutch to help you feel better about not getting anything done…but you’re busy!

I want you to go through your list and pick the five most important things on your list. The items you pick should all take less than a day to complete (if they are bigger than one day, break them down into day-sized chunks).

Now, armed with your next five moves…pick the one item that will have the greatest impact on your life if you do it today. That item is now your priority. Get that done first, then knock out the other four. Then tomorrow…rinse and repeat.

This is the P+4F method at work. You can find a video explaining it in more detail on my website (link in bio). Use it and it will change your life. Keep doing what you’ve been doing…and you’ll keep getting what you already have!

It’s Okay to Have Some Fun

Do you have fun while you’re working?

Building a business or expanding your career is hard work…and serious business. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun while you’re doing it! In fact, you SHOULD have fun…it will make it a lot more enjoyable while you’re doing the hard stuff!

Now I’m not saying that if you don’t have a ping-pong table or foosball table you’re doing it wrong. You can have fun without all the toys or games…in fact, it may even be better that way. When you lean on the games to bring the fun, then you’re not really putting in the effort to find the fun in the business.


I really love this quote from Einstein, “Creativity is intelligence having fun.” It really emphasizes that it’s the process we should focus on and not rely on making it to the “finish line” before we get to enjoy ourself.

If you’re not having fun with the work you’re doing, take a quick time out and think about ways you can make it more fun and enjoyable. Can you make a game out of the work, maybe even pull your whole team into the brainstorming process!

How are you making your work fun? Leave a comment below and let us know!

When Limits Win

How do you know when it’s time to cut bait?

Yesterday we talked about boundaries… and I’m also a fan of pushing your limits. So how do you reconcile those? It’s really not as hard as it sounds When you start with personal responsibility!

As an individual, you are only responsible for your decisions and outcomes, then there are modifiers. Parents take on responsibility for their kids, entrepreneurs take on some of the burdens for their employees and customers…but there’s a limit.

About 18 months ago, my adult son died from the effects of alcoholism. In spite of our best efforts, he still made the choices that led to his demise.

You only have responsibility for others to the point of their freewill choice. You can’t make the decision for them, that is where you have to let them beat the weight of their own burden.

Focus on what you can control, make the decisions that are within your purvue, and do everything you can to let the rest go.

The Tree And the Fence

Quick, name one thing that is preventing your success or keeping you from reaching a goal.

Don’t dwell on the answer, just blurt it out! Now ask, is this something within my power to change?

Regardless of what your blocker is, the answer is YES, you can change your circumstances and remove any obstacle!


All too often we allow negative self-talk to rule out day. And when that’s not giving us the excuse we want, we turn to comparison shopping for progress. You know, “THEY are farther along than me…”. And don’t even get me started on believing in the “shoulds.”

You are a unique combination of gifts and talents and you are positioned in time and place to make a difference. And the reality is you are making a difference, the only question is, is it a positive or a negative one.

Just because you are talented and gifted doesn’t mean you don’t have to put in effort toward the outcome though. Pick any great athlete, they still had to put in the work to achieve greatness, and so do you!

Just like the tree in this picture, don’t let any fence stop you from following your path to success. Yeah, you might have to go under or around and it might not be the prettiest…but it will be yours!

You may look at a fence or a wall and see an obstacle, something that will influence you to change your course. Instead, see it as an opportunity to overcome something that would stop a lesser person, someone who will have to settle for mediocre while you enjoy the fruits of your effort.

When you get stuck and need a hand seeing past your next fence or wall, DM me. I can help. And join me for a bit of daily inspiration, watch or listen to my daily video podcast (link in bio).

When To Flex and When to Focus

Why do plans always fail?

When I was growing up, the A-Team was all the rage on TV. One of the characters in that show had a saying, “I love it when a plan comes together!” Why is that such a great thing? Maybe because it is such a rare thing!

One of the most frustrating things to me as a business coach is to see people put so much time and effort into a business plan only to file it away and never look at it again. Is THAT why so many businesses fail? I don’t believe it is.

A business plan, any plan for that matter, is just a set of intended actions and expected outcomes. It’s not cast in stone and there’s no guarantee that the expected outcomes will happen. So why do we hold so tightly to plans if they’re not going to work out? IDK…THAT’s a great question!

Many a business owner and entrepreneur have had to cut their dreams short not because of lack of planning … most do a pretty good job of that. No, I believe they fail because once the plan is done, they hold more tightly to the plan than they do the desired outcome! In fact, I’ve probably read hundreds of business plans that didn’t describe ANY desired outcome!

How do you make decisions if you don’t know the outcome you’re trying to create?

As Kathryn says in our quote of the day today, “…[be] focused on the goal but flexible in your execution.” You may think a pop-up shop is THE way to go, so you struggle and suffer for two years… when all along you could have been posting your products online!

Take a minute right now and try to articulate your goal, out loud, in one sentence. If you can’t do that, then you don’t have a firm grasp on what you’re trying to accomplish. Don’t do any more planning till you know what you’re building…your odds of creating a successful plan will go way up!

If you need help with your plan, DM me or follow me on my website at www.ThomRigsby.com (link in bio).

It’s Your Call

Business (and life) is a contact sport! What do you do when it gets to be too much?

Let’s face it, it happens to everybody! Sometimes all the moving pieces of your success and fulfillment seem to be moving in opposite directions! UGH! The answer though is pretty simple…

The more complicated things become, the more aggressively you have to simplify!

Overwhelm, and the feeling of lost control that accompanies it can be debilitating if you let it…but it doesn’t have to be.

Most people believe when they are experiencing overwhelm that the pathway out is planning or studying or some other distraction. The reality is, there’s only one way to dig out from overwhelm…simplify!

In the short term, find one thing you can control, that you can make an unimpeded decision about and make it. For Mel Robbins, author of the 5-second Rule, that was the snooze button on her alarm clock. It doesn’t have to be big or fancy, just something YOU control.

Now that you have some confidence taking control of your ‘alarm clock’ take on that giant pile of decisions that are overwhelming you. Simplify the decision point all the way down to, “which choice moves me closer to my goal.”

Take Jocko’s advice (slightly modified by Thom), “Relax, [take a breath], look around, and make a decision.” Those decisions are the reins of control in your business and your life…start deciding and take back control!

If you need help finding your clarity or simplifying your decision matrix, DM me or connect with me on my website (link in bio) at www.ThomRigsby.com.

The Freedom to Succeed

How bad does it have to get before you will take action?

You’ve probably heard that all human action is driven by one of two things, avoidance of pain or achievement of pleasure. It’s Independence Day here in the US and as I’m writing this I wonder…was it pleasure or pain that motivated the Founding Fathers?

As you are reading this right now, there is something you want to do. Something you want to accomplish. It might be a big, legacy type outcome…or maybe something small, like a raise or a promotion. In either case, you have to do something to make it happen.

See, the truth is that you already have the freedom you seek, you’re just keeping it locked behind excuses! All you have to do to have the freedom you so long for is just choose to act!

Now, bear in mind…choices come with consequences and freedom comes with responsibility. You have the freedom to choose friends that will build you up and support your journey…and that comes with consequences related to your existing friends. And then there’s family…

It’s kind of like getting your driver’s license. Yes, you get an immense amount of freedom when you can finally drive yourself where you want to go. But you’re also doing so in a 2,500-pound projectile that is more than capable of killing you and others. With that freedom comes great responsibility!

So today, as you celebrate our nation’s freedom, remember:
– freedom isn’t found in waiting for the answer
– freedom isn’t found in researching and reading
– freedom isn’t found in sitting still

No, freedom (and it’s requisite responsibility) can only be found by being bold, brave, and taking action!

What action will you take TODAY to move yourself one step closer to the life and lifestyle you crave? Leave a comment and let me know!

Get Scared!

What did you do yesterday that scared you? Made you nervous? Was risky?

We talk a lot about fear on the podcast (7 Minutes In the Morning, link in bio) because fear is a natural part of life. It serves a biological purpose by causing our body to prepare for ‘something’ and it tells our senses to ‘pay attention!’

Fear also serves an important mental purpose as well. When you feel afraid or scared in a work or business capacity, it’s a message that you are testing the edges of your comfort zone. Yep, that’s right, your comfort zone!

Many people live their entire lives inside their comfort zone, even if the life there is less than fulfilling…at least its safe! But not you! When you take on the role of business owner and entrepreneur, you need to prepare yourself…even LOOK for ways…to be afraid every day.

It all points back to the principle that, “if you want the things other people don’t have, you have to do the things they won’t.” They won’t do them because they’re warm and cozy in their comfort zone. Ahh but you my friend…you’re out there making it happen!

You can start testing the boundaries of your comfort zone by signing up for a no-cost, no-obligation business strategy session! The link is in my bio!

What Is the Displacement Principle

Are you having trouble getting results? Can’t seem to get the things you want? Here’s the reason…and an answer!

You are not getting the results you want because of displacement. You are displacing the work you SHOULD be doing to create the result you want with other work that is either ‘busy work’ or directed at something other than what you say you want.

If you have the ability to read this message, you have access to everything you need to create the result you want! The ONLY thing holding you back is YOU and what YOU choose to work on.

I know it’s not always sexy or fun…and that’s the point! If you want something you’ve never had you have to do the things you’ve never done! And so what if they are difficult, or risky, or whatever! DO IT ALREADY… do work that matters!

We are almost half-way through 2019…are you half-way to your goals for the year? If you’re not, there’s still time, you just have to choose the right priority and get it done…then do it again tomorrow…and the next day…( I think you get the idea ).

If you are struggling with your goals I would love to help! You can schedule a no-cost, no-obligation call with me on my website (link in bio). You will find clarity, gain confidence, and take back control of your time! You CAN make great things happen before the end of 2019!