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Thom Rigsby (yep, pronounced like Tom…I just can’t spell!)


April 8, 1967 in Huntsville, Alabama


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The KnolWorx Company, LLC

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Who Is Thom Rigsby?

Thom Rigsby brings more than 25 years of business experience in companies ranging from the Fortune 50 to mom-and-pop operations as well as more than a dozen businesses of his own. He has an active performance coaching practice, audio & video podcasts, and weekly radio program where he shares the key concepts and strategies he has learned on his business journey, helping business owners and leaders focus their efforts, create results, and replace undistinguished results and burnout with a clear plan for stable, sustainable success. A plan worthy of your best and highest potential!

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  • Thom has been a guest on numerous podcasts and has his own weekly radio show, daily podcast, and co-hosts two other weekly podcasts!
  • Thom is well versed on a wide array of business, leadership and personal development topics including: business startups and entrepreneurship, change management, Time Management, Vision casting and Goal Setting
  • Thom currently runs two businesses, so he practices what he preaches
  • Thom has an energetic yet down to earth presentation and frequently includes stories and examples to clarify the application of his message.

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Thom Rigsby Radio Host Potcast Host
Thom Rigsby Motivational Speaker
Thom Rigsby High Performance Coach
Thom Rigsby, High Performance Coach