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Thom Rigsby
THE Barrier Buster!
"Discover What You Need To Know About The 9 Critical Performance Areas of Your Business. Attending this Web Class Could Be The Key To Making Your Business Work FOR You!"
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What You Will Learn From This Web Class:
Secret #1: THE 9 Critical Performance Areas You MUST Measure 
Every business is different but they all have to play by the same rules and your business is no different. There are 9 Critical Performance Areas (CPA's) that you MUST master to build a winning business. Find out what they are and why they are important!
Secret #2: How To Identify The Barriers That Are Holding You Back
Virtually all business owners and leaders that struggle can trace their challenges back to one (or more) of the 9 CPA's. Knowing what they are is just the first step! You MUST identify the CPA that is acting as a barrier to your success before you can remove it!
Secret #3: How To Create A 90-Day Plan To Break Down Barriers and WIN!
Barriers to your success are there because they are allowed to be there. The final portion of this unique web class will lead you through creating 90-day plan to blast those barriers out of the way and get back on your path to success!
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