What To Do With An Ugly Baby

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Don’t Make Ugly Babies!

We’ve all been subjected to them. Proud parents, grandparents, aunts or uncles showing off pictures of the newest addition to their family. They whip out their phone and shove it in your face before you can react! Then the only thing you can think of while you’re being assaulted by this hideous child is…what’s my face doing!

There’s another kind of ugly baby though and that’s the one we need to talk about this week. Sometimes we have what Michael Gerber of E-Myth fame calls an entrepreneurial seizure, a great idea that will make millions! If we’re not careful though, instead of making millions…we’ll make ugly babies!

So join me each morning this week for 7 Minutes In the Morning, where we will talk about how to avoid making ugly babies and what to do if you’ve already made one! (also available on iTunes, Stitcher, TuneIn…um, yeah, just about everywhere you can grab a podcast).

What Else Is On Tap This Week

Tuesday I get to be in two places at the same time! Yep Talk Radio for Entrepreneurs airs at 8 am on WTKI Radio ( 1450AM / 105.3FM ) but no live stream this week, because…I’ll also be at Redstone Federal Credit Union delivering my marketing workshop called Fish Where the Fish Are! This workshop is sold out but shoot me an email if you’d like to know when the next one is coming up!

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Then Thursday morning it’s time for the next installment of Coffee & Coaching, co-hosted with my friend Steven Levy. In this session, we will examine how to create a vision for your business so you are not left to let the business happen to you, but rather, you can create the business you want. Seats are still available, get yours NOW!

How to Simplify Success

Success is one of those funny words. We all hear it and agree, “Yeah, that’s something I want!” But what is it? For a lot of people, it means having a flush bank account, a new car, and a house with the right ZIP code. But is that really success? To figure it out, we have to look a little bit deeper, not as a group, as an individual.

A few months back I was working with London, one of my one-on-one coaching clients. By anyone’s account from the outside looking in, her business was successful and thriving, but she was far from happy. Yes, she had been able to build the business she’d always dreamed of but the push and pull of demanding clients, the challenge of finding good people for her team and the hours…the l-o-n-g hours were taking their toll. They had turned her dream business into a nightmare!

Luckily London was able to work through many of the challenges she felt were facing her business by simplifying the business and putting a sustainable system to work for her…instead of her working for it!

Join me each morning this week for the 7 Minutes In the Morning podcast as we talk about what we learned working with London and helping her regain the clarity, confidence, and control she had when she started her business. If’t very likely that you will be able to relate to her story and find the tips you need to get back your own business mojo!

What Else Is Happening This Week

Wednesday I get to spend time with the fantastic folks at the Madison Chamber of Commerce as they are hosting my most frequently requested workshop, Making Time for Success! This is no lecture filled with good ideas an no execution…oh no! The event is open to the public so bring your to-do list and a notebook and change your life! Get all the details by clicking on the button!

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Can’t Focus? You Need TEA!

If you’ve heard it once, you’ve probably heard it a thousand times…and if you’re a parent, well, you may have said it a thousand times! “You just need to focus!” That’s all well and good, and probably right in a lot of cases, but nobody has ever told you HOW to FOCUS…untill now!

This week we’re going to do just that with some tips and tricks to help you become a lean, mean, focus machine! Everything will kick off with Monday’s installment of 7 Minutes In the Morning so if you haven’t been over to LIKE and SUBSCRIBE…you should do that. Heck, put Facebook to work for you for a change!

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What else is happening this week?

Well, I’m glad you asked! 

Join me Tuesday on Talk Radio for Entrepreneurs as Doc Porter is back in the studio for a visit! It’s been a while since the good doctor has joined us so you don’t want to miss this one!

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Making the Most From Your Mastermind

The benefits of participating in a mastermind have been well known (and debated) since we were introduced to the idea by Napoleon Hill in his seminal work, Think and Grow Rich. Whether you are a regular mastermind participant or just thinking about joining, here a few tips for making the most of your mastermind experience.

Be the Member You Want Everyone Else To Be

It may go without saying, but, if you want great things from the group, you have to give great things. Model the behavior you want to see from the other members of the group. Be the leader among leaders!

Be On Time and Prepared

In many mastermind groups, members that have not done their out-of-group homework are invited to attend and prohibited from participating. This is meant to encourage everyone to do their homework and be ready to contribute. Each member should try to contribute as much as possible…something that is pretty difficult to do if you don’t prepare.

Similarly, it is pretty difficult for your fellow mastermind members to learn to trust and depend on you if you can’t make it to the group meeting on time. It just begs the question, “Are you committed to this group or not?”

Be Open and Honest

Trust and commitment are crucial to the success of any mastermind group. Your fellow members cannot give you their best input if you are not honest about what you’re facing. It’s easy to put on a facade and pretend like things are not what they are, and if you do that you will be missing out on some of the most important parts of being in a mastermind group.


These are just a few tips for making the most of your mastermind experience. If you have a tip, feel free to leave it in a comment below!

How Awesome Is Mediacom!?!

So, I won’t even get into the history of my love affair with Mediacom and their product suites. Let’s just say… I’m not a fan.

Well over the last few days our (cable) Internet has been running slow. Now, I’m not talking slow like it takes a few seconds for a movie to start streaming… I’m talking it takes over an hour! Well, as any good customer would do, I wanted to let Mediacom know that something must be wrong with their service. I mean, after all, Ookla was showing me numbers in the single digits instead of the 100M down / 10M up I’m supposed to be getting.

I found out long LONG ago that you don’t call Mediacom, you contact them via social media (another story that begs it’s own post). Anyway, my Twitter PM got routed to RP to handle. After a bit of perfunctory back and forth comes the shocking revelation…

The 100M/10M that I’m paying for… is only guaranteed when I am WIRED directly into their modem AND running THEIR speed test app that bounces packets off THEIR server on THEIR network!

Now, I want to quote RP on this to make sure I get it right so…

“…the servers used on our [test] site have been Mediacom-certified and are on our network. This ensures that the path to the site removes as much off-network routing as possible and gives the most accurate results possible.”

Now, on the one hand, I understand the assertion. It’s kinda like saying, “The car will do 150MPH on a closed, certified test track.” Ok, yeah, I get that…BUT I DON’T DRIVE ON A CLOSED, CERTIFIED TEST TRACK!

At the same time I ran tests against Mediacom servers that showed I was getting ~60M down, I ran tests using Google speed test and Ookla. Considering all the “off-network routing” that could cause speed problems, both Google and Ookla returned identical results 6 out of 7 times…. and they sucked! Instead of 60M down I was at one point getting 9M down!

This is AT LEAST convenient small print but frankly, I’m leaning toward an intentional attempt by Mediacom to defraud an entire class of users who might not ever know the difference. Well Mediacom… I know the difference!

To be continued…

#MediacomSucks #SlowInternetSucks #ComeOnGoogleFiber