5 Bullet Friday: Sep 25, 2020 – Jesse Mogle

Jesse Mogle – Lifestyle Architect

Jesse is a great friend and an amazing life coach visiting with us this week from LA (that’s Los Angeles not Lower Alabama!) He brings a level of excitement to everything he does that you don’t want to miss. The last time Jesse was with us during the Engineer to Entrepreneur event he, well, … you’ll just have to join us to hear the whole story! You can find out more about Jesse and his story on his website: www.JesseMogle.com

5 Bullet Friday: Sep 18th, 2020 – Special Guest: Vickie Rigsby

In this kick-off installment of 5 Bullet Friday we will talk about what we have in store for the show, upcoming topics and guests, oh, and of course Thom’s Take on the Week! AND (the REAL reason to watch…) Thom will be joined by his Bride and fellow entrepreneur, Vickie Rigsby! Find out more about Vickie and the ways she can help you on her website: www.VickieRigsby.com

Likely topics:

  1. Would you fly on an “adequate” airplane?
  2. Being the spouse of an entrepreneur
  3. Two entrepreneurs in the same family…how does THAT work?
  4. Ups and downs…together
  5. Much more!

5 Bullet Friday is a weekly video podcast recapping events of the weeks and sharing the perspective on Thom and his guest. This is NOT YOUR TYPICAL LIVESTREAM & PODCAST! Registration is required prior to the livestream and attendees are able to ask questions and interact LIVE with Thom and his guest!