Free Coaching Friday – April 26, 2019

Every Friday morning Business and Lifestyle Strategist Thom Rigsby takes YOUR questions and answers them during Free Coaching Friday!

Today’s question comes from Keith, “What advice would you give the 18-year-old version of yourself?”

Great question and one I’ve actually discussed on Instagram (@ThomRigsby) this week! Have a listen to see what I suggest.


Why Is This So Hard?

Have you ever caught yourself asking why things are so hard? Why can’t just one thing in your life be easy? What if it’s just perspective?

“Don’t wish it were easier, wish you were better.”

Jim Rohn

Whether your thing is baseball, video games, or cooking, there’s been a time when you really wanted to accomplish something big but the obstacles were just too great. Like learning to ride your bike. You master the tricycle then all of a sudden this “big kid” bike only has two wheels. When you look at it like that, it’s a hard thing to master…but bicycle racers have done it.

See, the reality is that you can learn to do just about anything and that learning is made easier by your perspective, your mindset! If you think it will be difficult bordering on the impossible, then it will be. If you think it will be easy after a little practice, again, it will be. It’s all in how you look at it.

So when you face a challenge, something that makes you think about quitting, before you declare the task impossible, check yourself. Ask what you can learn or practice more to become good enough to achieve the impossible!

Everything IS Possible!

You believe that your options are limited. Maybe you believe that the only choice you have is the one that’s already been made for you. You are wrong!

“Everything you can imagine is real.”

Pablo Picasso

The reality is that anything you can conceive with your mind, you can make a reality in your life…you just have to change the constraints! Want to fly private on your next vacation but can’t afford your own jet? No problem, rent one…take a dead-leg…


Choosing and then focusing on the outcome is the key. If this seems unrealistic to you, it’s because you are allowing yourself to be limited by the steps, dare I say obstacles, between you and your desired outcome.

So many times I talk with business owners and leaders in my private coaching practice that are limiting themselves, their company and ultimately their success because they can’t focus on the outcome. Instead, they are allowing their vision to become blinded by the things they see as obstacles instead of stepping stones.

When you begin to focus on the outcome rather than the steps, the size and quantity of the steps begin to shrink. Instead of huge boulders blocking your road, they become gravel paving it! Stop focusing on the rocks, start focusing on the prize, and enjoy the journey!

Change Your Thinking – Change Your Results

Do you feel that the outcome for your day is outside your control? Maybe it starts under your control but eventually, it succumbs to the demands of others. This is the thinking that got you here. If you want to stay where you are, keep thinking that way. But if you want more, if you want to find and do work that matters…read on.

The reality is that YOU control the outcome of your day. Every decision point is an opportunity to choose between a positive interpretation and a negative interpretation. How you choose will dictate how you feel. And how you feel now will impact how you feel going into the next decision.

So, each morning set an intention of what you will be and how you will feel today. Write it down, say it out loud, write it on your mirror. Then attack the day knowing that nothing will knock you off course from a GREAT day!

The Rat Race

Every day we have the chance to make hundreds, maybe thousands, of decisions. And the cumulative result of all our decisions creates our life, lifestyle, and lifetime!

Face each opportunity as just that, an opportunity. Even if your work requires you to deal with angry people, you can choose to be happy, entertained even, in the face of their frustration. Who knows, maybe the happy smile or understanding tone in your voice is just what THEY need to hear so they can have a happy day as well.

And how to do make that kind of choice? Well, for that you’ll have to listen to or watch the full installment of 7 Minutes In the Morning!

Choose to Win – 7 Minutes in the Morning – 22 Apr 2019

The problem with the rat race is, even if you win, you’re still a rat.

Lilly Tomlin

Defining Your Legacy

Who’s road have you made easier lately?

A lot of times we think of our legacy as this one-big-thing, like a big granite slab marking our presence in the universe. But the reality is we should think of it more like tiny pebbles. And not just any old pebble…nope, pebbles used to pave the road for those that come behind us. THAT, my friend, is a legacy.

You write out a little bit of your legacy every day. If I were to get a sneak peek into that ledger…what would it say?

The Road To the Life You Crave

What one choice will you make today that will change the rest of your life?

When my kids were young (and sometimes now that they’re grown) I would remind them that “Choices have consequences!” Sometimes they’re good and sometimes they’re bad…and sometimes you don’t know right away…but there are always consequences.

Choosing to binge your favorite show over the weekend could be awesome…or it could be two days farther away from the life of your dreams!

The choice is yours and you get to make it every day. All week I’ve encouraged you to do your part, fill your unique spot in the puzzle do #WorkThatMatters and live the life you crave!

The Difference Between an Entrepreneur and an Employee

What’s the difference between business ownership and entrepreneurship? One requires you to own a business!

I talk A LOT about entrepreneurship and frequently I hear back something like, “I don’t own my own business” or “I’m not an entrepreneur.” But the reality is everyone has the opportunity to be an entrepreneur and create the life they crave!

Entrepreneurship is about seeing things differently, looking for opportunity where others see obstacles, leveraging your own and other’s time, talents, and resources to create! THAT is entrepreneurship and you can do that as an owner or an employee.

Now, I’m not gonna lie, doing it as an owner is different (dare I say easier) than as an employee, but the opportunities to control your own outcomes are just the same!

I want to know what you think! Do you control your own outcomes? If you’re an employee, have you tried? What was the result? If you’re an owner, is it easier? Let me hear it from you in the comments below!

Sweat Equity

Have you ever noticed how you can barely get through 8 hours in the office but then rush home to work in the yard, or the shop, or where ever your joy is…and it doesn’t matter how tired or dirty you get? Why is that?

Well, the short answer is that your ‘day job’ doesn’t matter and your joy-filled emotional labor does!

No one ever promised that the work that brings you joy and fulfillment would be easy. That’s a pretty common misconception I hear a lot as a business coach. “Thom, why isn’t this working like it did for {fill in internet guru’s name here}. They said it would be easy!?!” or my favorite, “I thought this was my passion…I guess not.”

The reality is that you have to put in the work! Just like working the jigsaw puzzle. There is a great work of art trapped in the individual pieces and when YOU put in the work to assemble them in the right order, you get to enjoy it. If you choose to not put in the work, then, well, you have a pile of crap on the table.

Take some hints from what you do with your free time. Where do YOU find your joy? What type of work? Let me know down in the comments! Somewhere in there is your #WorkThatMatters!

Work That Matters Will Elevate Everyone

Are you creating value today?

A lot of times when I ask people this question they talk about how hard it is to create value. But in reality, when you work in your gifts and leveraging your talents, creating value will be easy! Why?

Because that’s why you have the talents and gifts you have…to create value for other people! I’m not saying the work will be easy, but the along the way you will find that creating value for other people also does something for you, it will challenge you, push you, to be better!

This is why work that matters, the work YOU were uniquely equipped to perform, will elevate everyone it touches, you and those around you! Just like the jigsaw puzzle piece, you are meant to play a role in the lives around you AND in the complete picture!