Why Is It a Struggle to Reach My Goals

We’re almost halfway through the year, are you struggling to reach your goals? That’s a good thing, here’s why.

We hear a lot these days about how things should be easy. Great example: minimum wage should be a living wage. I don’t know about you but there was a time in my life where I worked three jobs and my wife worked two…5 jobs between us…to make a ‘living wage.’ There was nothing easy about it, but we did get one very valuable thing from it.

I’ve always been blessed to know that the best things in life cost you the most, and not always in money. Having to work hard for anything gives us a greater appreciation for the value of that thing. That’s one reason I’m so fond of saying your employees will never love your business the way you do, they haven’t lived the struggle.

It’s also one reason I make it challenging to get into my business and life coaching practice. I don’t want to convince anyone that they need help, I want them to know they need it!

So be thankful for the struggles. They give you an opportunity to demonstrate greatness and they make the reward that much sweeter!

If you are having difficulty reaching your goals for 2019, or maybe you haven’t even set any goals yet, I can help! DM me or send an email to thom@thomrigsby.com to see if you have what it takes to enter the program!

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