The Difference Between an Entrepreneur and an Employee

What’s the difference between business ownership and entrepreneurship? One requires you to own a business!

I talk A LOT about entrepreneurship and frequently I hear back something like, “I don’t own my own business” or “I’m not an entrepreneur.” But the reality is everyone has the opportunity to be an entrepreneur and create the life they crave!

Entrepreneurship is about seeing things differently, looking for opportunity where others see obstacles, leveraging your own and other’s time, talents, and resources to create! THAT is entrepreneurship and you can do that as an owner or an employee.

Now, I’m not gonna lie, doing it as an owner is different (dare I say easier) than as an employee, but the opportunities to control your own outcomes are just the same!

I want to know what you think! Do you control your own outcomes? If you’re an employee, have you tried? What was the result? If you’re an owner, is it easier? Let me hear it from you in the comments below!

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