Sweat Equity

Have you ever noticed how you can barely get through 8 hours in the office but then rush home to work in the yard, or the shop, or where ever your joy is…and it doesn’t matter how tired or dirty you get? Why is that?

Well, the short answer is that your ‘day job’ doesn’t matter and your joy-filled emotional labor does!

No one ever promised that the work that brings you joy and fulfillment would be easy. That’s a pretty common misconception I hear a lot as a business coach. “Thom, why isn’t this working like it did for {fill in internet guru’s name here}. They said it would be easy!?!” or my favorite, “I thought this was my passion…I guess not.”

The reality is that you have to put in the work! Just like working the jigsaw puzzle. There is a great work of art trapped in the individual pieces and when YOU put in the work to assemble them in the right order, you get to enjoy it. If you choose to not put in the work, then, well, you have a pile of crap on the table.

Take some hints from what you do with your free time. Where do YOU find your joy? What type of work? Let me know down in the comments! Somewhere in there is your #WorkThatMatters!

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