Agree or Disagree #1

If we’ve ever had the opportunity to talk about such things, you may have heard me say that one of our greatest losses in my lifetime has been our ability to disagree with one another. Get three people together and you’re guaranteed to find SOMETHING that someone disagrees with…and at some point it’s going to come up!

We have no hope of reaching our fullest potential as a society and as individuals unless we re-learn how to express our ideas and beliefs with one another, talking about our differences, and committing ourselves to growth!

So, with that as an objective, I’m starting an irregular series of posts called Agree or Disagree. In these posts I intend to publish thoughtful dichotomies that we can explore critically and, hopefully, grow as we discuss.

So, without further ado…here goes number one…

Agree or Disagree #1:
What you THINK doesn’t matter, what you DO matters.

As the old saying goes, the road to hell is paved with good intentions. In my coaching practice, I frequently talk to business owners or high-level employees who have been thinking about doing something and now they find themselves stuck. In all these cases, what you think has no impact on the outcome, what you do creates results. Do you agree or disagree?