What Do I Do With This Degree?

Have you ever wondered about that degree you worked so hard to earn and maybe you’re still paying for. All kinds of things are being proposed today to (because it’s an election year) find ways to make a college degree more affordable. But is that really the issue?graduation-879941_640

A recently article from Entrepreneur Magazine suggests that maybe that’s not the solution at all. Maybe traditional means of education no longer apply to our non-traditional world. While most of the world was waiting for the economy to improve the most successful enterprises in the world today began to capitalize on the new economy instead of expecting a resurrection of the old.

Andrew Medal author of the afore mentioned Entrepreneur article, identifies six reasons why starting a business might be far better than working to earn a degree. Here’s a snapshot of his thoughts: 

  1. Networking– Successfully starting a business requires an increased network.
  2. Compounding laws – Experience. Money. Business. The sooner you start, the more these variables will compound.
  3. Practical experience – Practical experience trumps theory-based learning.
  4. Autonomy – Starting and building a business allows you to control your destiny.
  5. Deferred degree– Both siblings say, “College can wait. Building a company can’t if there’s a good market/need in some space.”
  6. Limited risk – Limited risk to start a business while you’re young can be a key differentiator.

So go ahead a check out the article. You might be surprised that the real solution(s) is/are found in places that you might not have expected to look.

Business as usual, produces results as usual. ~Thom Rigsby

A very informal survey of any segment of the population will reveal that the vast majority of people aren’t working the field in which they earned a degree. After 10 years people start to find their place, their purpose and their passion. They get past that, “I get a degree, I get a job” thinking and discover that isn’t the way things work any more.

They understand that there is far more value in finding solutions to problems people face than there is in depending on the degree. Entrepreneurs think: “what solutions do I bring, not eduction do I have?”

Failing a test is way easier than failing at a business, BUT the lessons learned are far more valuable. To get ahead in the future you must let go of the past. Maybe it is time we applied that same principle to entrepreneurs starting business.