5 Bad Habits Entrepreneurs Need to Quit Today!

Habits are an important part of your success journey. Developing positive habits must be a regular part of your everyday life. However, sometime we develop really annoying bad habits that tarnish the entrepreneur experience for the rest of the world.

Brandon Turner, contributing editor to Entrepreneur Magazine, offers some power insightsManBubble to those bad habits that are just plain annoying to the rest of the world. I was amazed as I looked over his list an found myself guilty at times. Check out the major points on his list:

  1. Constantly talking about how busy you are. Entrepreneurs are busy, but so are other people. There isn’t one kind of busy for an entrepreneur and a different kind of busy for the rest of the world.
  2. Stop “humbly bragging”. Yes, you might be in the spot light, but don’t find humble ways to brag about it. It makes you look really bad.
  3. Job Shamming. No one should feel bad about the fact that they have a job and no entrepreneur should ever make them feel that way.
  4. Canceling plans at the last minute because something more important just came up.
  5. #Firstworldproblems Complaining about your credit card process being slow in the morning really pales in comparison to more than one-third of the world’s population without access to clean water.

The author claims he wrote this article for himself. I disagree! I think he wrote it for all of us…