Army of Solo-Entrepreneurs

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The Army of Solo-Entrepreneurs

The most recent downturn in the economy has created a new and exciting era – the era of the solo-entrepreneur. Downsizing has caused companies to rethink their position on non-mission critical employment. It now is easier to outsource then it is to justify keeping someone in a less than full-time capacity. This creates an enormous demand for the services of the solo-entrepreneur.

This army of Solo-entrepreneurs will be the business model for the next decade. They are the key to making the current economy work again. They allow the small businesses of America to be lean and efficient in a struggling economy – they are the “new” workforce. This is local outsourcing. It is keeping local money in the local economy or it is bringing global money to the local economy.ManBulb

This army will have needs:

  • They don’t have deep pockets to spend on advertising and exposure
  • They don’t have vast resources to do research and development
  • They will have to market differently
  • They will have to build new teams of support
  • They will have to create joint ventures
  • They will need networking opportunities that work for them
  • They will need coaching
  • They will struggle
  • They will survive and thrive!

The solo-entrepreneur is in a position to change the economic climate for multitudes. The more profitable businesses become, through the services of this “part-time” army, the quicker the economy turns around. Putting back to work many who are involved in the mission-critical positions. This always provides economic stability for the solo-entrepreneur. No longer does their “job” depend upon having enough work with one employer to justify their existence.

Many of the jobs that were once possible in a thriving economy are longer available. They may never be available again. Before those jobs get shipped off overseas have you considered how you might develop a business model to fill-in that gap?

Things are different in this economy, but they might actually be better for solo-entrepreneurs. They’re in a better position now to control their future than ever before.

Are you considering a role as a Solo-Entrepreneur?

You may very well possess the skill set that an employer can’t afford full-time but can’t afford to be without either. This is could be the opportunity of a lifetime for the one who is ready.

If you would like to explore the opportunities of self-employment or being a solo-e? I’ve prepared a brief survey that can help you determine if you’re ready for the next level.