Who Is Thom Rigsby

About Thom Rigsby

Now you can benefit from the same expertise that has guided defense lawyers to shape and deliver winning cases, Fortune 50 companies to create patented service solutions, and numerous businesses just like yours created life-changing results.

Thom is a veteran business owner and serial entrepreneur with more than 25 years of experience “in the trenches.” His experience ranges from Fortune 50ProfilePic3Sq companies, to mom-and-pops and everything in between. He has started eight businesses from scratch taking two of them to be million dollar a year enterprises.

In 2007 Thom decided it was time to start sharing his latest endeavour as an experiment in transparent entrepreneurship. Along the way he found that helping fellow and aspiring entrepreneurs was just as rewarding, or maybe a bit more rewarding, than the business itself. This led him to create KnolWorx, a company dedicated to educating and supporting business owners and leaders.

Building on the experience of coaching many startup and existing businesses alike, Thom and the other business leaders at KnolWorx have created a core set of classes, workshops and seminars bolstered by video on demand training and extended with one-on-one and group coaching opportunities.

Thom is married and he and his wife Vickie, also an entrepreneur, have three children, one grandchild, and one awesome boxer! You can find out more about Thom on his website ThomRigsby.com, follow him on Twitter and Instagram @ThomRigsby, or on his 5-day-a-week podcast 7 Minutes in the Morning.


Thom brings his experience together and shares them with you for 7 Minutes In the Morning. The goal of the show is to deliver a daily, bite-sized nugget that you can use to improve your business every day. Thom frequently reminds business owners that, "If you're able to improve your business just 1% every day, in a little over three months you will have 100% improvement!"