Weekend Whiteboard: A Test

Why am I working on the weekend!?!

Well, because that's when you guys (and gals) are watching! No worries though, I LOVE THIS STUFF!

Ok, so down to business... this week on the podcast I teased a weekend video session on Instagram. The idea I want to work with is maybe doing a recap of the highlights of the week and then get into a little deeper dive on one of the topics. The name Weekend Whiteboard kinda hints at this being a talk in front of the whiteboard, probably LIVE, maybe with some pieces recorded. I really don't want to get into making it a big production but rather something that will add a bit more value than we can cover weekday mornings.

I'm also going to ask people to register in order to see the whole post. This will give me some idea of who is watching and will let me follow up to make sure I'm answering all the right questions and ticking all the right boxes. Hope you don't mind.

So Click Here to create your account and read the rest of the article!

So, if you're seeing this I've invited you here to get your feedback. Let me know what you think about the idea and what you'd most like to see in this format. Interviews? Recaps? New "only on the weekend" material... it's up to you... just let me know in the comments!



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