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What if You Could Turn Back Time?

Many people start a business so they will have more control over their time. Then reality hits and they find they have far less control.  The quality of the time they do have is rapidly diminishing as they're constantly thinking (distracted) by things in the business.

Even if you could get that day back (turn back time), would you be able to spend it the way you want? Without distractions? Without worry?

If there were 8 days in a week would you spend those better than the 7 you're spending now? Would that add more quality time to your life or would it simply add to your work load?

Time Management Myths


You may see time management and productivity interchangeably. The idea is that time is the only way to get things done. Doing so will lead you to being deceived about the life you're living. Your quality of life isn't improved by being more productive. Your productivity may not be related to your time at all.

Are you deceived by these myths?

  • Time management skills will help me get more done.
  • I'm a good judge of how I use my time.
  • A ToDo list is all I need to make me more productive.
  • Better technology will improve my time management.
  • If I could just better manage my time I would have more of it.
  • If I had more time, I would use it better...

Turn Back Time Exercise

Imagine you have a 24 hour period of time. There are no demands on it. You are free to use it in any way you choose. You set the schedule. This isn't a fantasy world, you still have your life to consider - your business, your family, your commitments and everything that you touch in life is still there. You just have this one extra day and this time you get to set the schedule. What does that day look like?

  • Did you mention your business - after all it's still there and still needs attention.
  • Did you mention your family - they are still there and they still need your attention.
  • Did you mention your commitments - you don't get to check out from them either.
  • Did you mention your health - you really do want to live out those 24 hours.

What did you find out?

Did you discover that you really don't have the ability to manage your time - no matter how much you have? Did you find that life still gets in the way? Do you see why traditional time management techniques lead to guilt and frustration? Do you understand why you've failed to get a handle on your time?

There is a Better Way...

There is a huge difference between managing time and leveraging it. Developing a system to leverage your time so that not only does the amount of free time you have improve, but the quality of that time can be enjoyed. Are you ready to get started?

Turn Back Time

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