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How Much Would Your Business Benefit From More Customers?

Does This Sound Like You?

  • You've tried several "cool ideas"...
  • You put up a Facebook page and got 400 Likes, but no customers.
  • You've resorted to pouring money into various advertising platforms and still no line of customers.
  • Imagine what it would be like if all of those things actually worked for you as promised...

What Would a 25% Increase Do

Usually tweaking a few of the things you're currently doing will result in a 25% increase in potential customers. That alone would make a huge difference in the success of your business. Would you be willing to spend a few hours if could trade that for 25% more customers?

Marketing vs. Advertising

Do you know the difference? Confuse these two and you're bleeding dollars....

Advertising can be a part of a marketing plan, but without a marketing strategy advertising issimply throwing money at a problem and hoping things work out right.

Marketing is a carefully thought-out strategy designed to:

  • Entice the potential customer with the promise of life after buying your offer.
  • Move them to take action that results in a positive buying experience.
  • Amaze them with a level of customer service that makes them a raving fan.
  • Invite them to share their experience with everyone they know.

Customer Service

Outstanding customer service will do more to grow your business than any other single thing you can do. Do you have a simple method of dealing with customer service issues quickly? Has your service personnel been properly trained to handle people in a positive and friendly manner? Do they know how to turn an problem into an opportunity for additional sales? Have you priced state-of-the-art customer service into the total price of your product?

Testing Your Efforts

Entrepreneurs know the value of testing everything. They know how to test. They know what to do with the test results? They understand the right questions to ask in the testing process? They know how to turn tests into opportunities for business growth.

A very short list of things you should test continuously:  

  • Your Market
  • Your Marketing Message
  • Your Marketing Machine
  • Your Trip Wire Offer
  • AND 35 other things that you must be testing

If you're not testing the components that make up your business you're on a fast road to failure. Successful business owners test constantly. Stop trying things and start testing them.

Are you Ready to Create Your Machine?

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