Weekend Whiteboard: A Test

Why am I working on the weekend!?!

Well, because that's when you guys (and gals) are watching! No worries though, I LOVE THIS STUFF!

Ok, so down to business... this week on the podcast I teased a weekend video session on Instagram. The idea I want to work with is maybe doing a recap of the highlights of the week and then get into a little deeper dive on one of the topics. The name Weekend Whiteboard kinda hints at this being a talk in front of the whiteboard, probably LIVE, maybe with some pieces recorded. I really don't want to get into making it a big production but rather something that will add a bit more value than we can cover weekday mornings.

I'm also going to ask people to register in order to see the whole post. This will give me some idea of who is watching and will let me follow up to make sure I'm answering all the right questions and ticking all the right boxes. Hope you don't mind.

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So, if you're seeing this I've invited you here to get your feedback. Let me know what you think about the idea and what you'd most like to see in this format. Interviews? Recaps? New "only on the weekend" material... it's up to you... just let me know in the comments!



How Awesome Is Mediacom!?!

Mediacom Internet is slow

So, I won't even get into the history of my love affair with Mediacom and their product suites. Let's just say... I'm not a fan.

Well over the last few days our (cable) Internet has been running slow. Now, I'm not talking slow like it takes a few seconds for a movie to start streaming... I'm talking it takes over an hour! Well, as any good customer would do, I wanted to let Mediacom know that something must be wrong with their service. I mean, after all, Ookla was showing me numbers in the single digits instead of the 100M down / 10M up I'm supposed to be getting.

I found out long LONG ago that you don't call Mediacom, you contact them via social media (another story that begs it's own post). Anyway, my Twitter PM got routed to RP to handle. After a bit of perfunctory back and forth comes the shocking revelation...

The 100M/10M that I'm paying for... is only guaranteed when I am WIRED directly into their modem AND running THEIR speed test app that bounces packets off THEIR server on THEIR network!

Now, I want to quote RP on this to make sure I get it right so...

"...the servers used on our [test] site have been Mediacom-certified and are on our network. This ensures that the path to the site removes as much off-network routing as possible and gives the most accurate results possible."

Now, on the one hand, I understand the assertion. It's kinda like saying, "The car will do 150MPH on a closed, certified test track." Ok, yeah, I get that...BUT I DON'T DRIVE ON A CLOSED, CERTIFIED TEST TRACK!

At the same time I ran tests against Mediacom servers that showed I was getting ~60M down, I ran tests using Google speed test and Ookla. Considering all the "off-network routing" that could cause speed problems, both Google and Ookla returned identical results 6 out of 7 times.... and they sucked! Instead of 60M down I was at one point getting 9M down!

This is AT LEAST convenient small print but frankly, I'm leaning toward an intentional attempt by Mediacom to defraud an entire class of users who might not ever know the difference. Well Mediacom... I know the difference!

To be continued...

#MediacomSucks #SlowInternetSucks #ComeOnGoogleFiber

What State Do You Live In?

"Success is never owned, it is rented, and the rent is due every day." -Anonymous Hey thanks so much for watching today. There is a little bit of follow up to yesterday's video then we dive right in to moving between the success and failure states. Enjoy, Thom, The Unashamed Non-conformist Be sure to connect with Thom... ...on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/thomrigsbycoa... ...on YouTube http://www.youtube.com/thomrigsby ...and on Instagram http://www.Instagram.com/thomrigsby
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3 Things I Learned From Being Sick

Three Take-aways From Being Sick

Posted by 7 Minutes In the Morning on Thursday, February 9, 2017