So Now I’m In the Bulk Candy Business!

A quick note and props from the UNconnected part of my life

Ok, I did it. I finally found a reasonably priced, two headed bulk candy vending machine, bought it, cleaned it up, filled it up (kinda) and put it out. I've built it, now they must come... right?

Many thanks again to Brian over at GeniusTypes for the idea and inspiration. I'll do my best to keep you updated on how its going and where I go from here. The plan is to let this one pay itself off and hopefully fund the purchase of the next one. I already have two other locations picked out for the next two machines so I'm a little anxious to get going!

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  • Thom

    Hey there Dividend Growth,

    So far I’m up to three machines. The two head machine I started with plus to of the 4 sided Vendesign machines. The first machine has paid for itself and it bought numbers two and three. I just put two and three out in the last two weeks but by visual inspection of the candy levels they seem to be doing pretty well so far. I’m expecting to clear about $60/month from all three. The first one makes about $5/wk and is not in the best location. Not millionaire status but at least they are paying for themselves.

    Thanks for asking. Do you have some machines or are you thinking about getting in the biz? Feel free to email me if you want. jtrigsby [at]


  • dividend growth

    So how is your Vending business going at the third month since the launch phase?
    I haven’t seen any updates.

  • Brian C. Lee

    I like it!