Ever Felt Stuck?

You are unhappy, dissatisfied and unfulfilled. You got the grades, put in the hard work, paid your dues nights and weekends and yet something is still missing. Oh sure, the rewards are there and they’re good… big house, nice car, healthy bank account. But you can’t help asking, “Is this as good as it gets?”

In a way you feel guilty, wondering, wanting more when so many have less than you. It’s then that you realize it’s not really about the “stuff”. If you do get that new toy it will only give you something new to do, it won’t fill this void you’re feeling.

You catch yourself sitting in the parking lot watching the people going to work you begin to envy them. At least they’re happy, satisfied with their work. And as you ponder how that could be, how anyone could find happiness, satisfaction and fulfillment in their work, you begin to recognize something familiar. It is one you’ve seen before on your own face. That look. The stare into nowhere and the emptiness it betrays in their life… and in your life.

Maybe you’re not the only one that feels this way. Maybe this is just what happens when you reach the top. Is THIS as good as it gets… ( hint: not by a LONG shot! )


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