I Would Say My Business Is…

How Do You See Your Business Today and 1 Year From Now?

wordCloud_goodAs business owners and leaders, its a pretty common thing for us to be asked to describe our business. Most of the time we will describe what we do. This survey is a little different. The 3 Questions below want to know about the state or condition of your business.

So take 1 minute or so, run through the survey, then check-out below how this data is going to be used. (I think its pretty cool!)

**NOTE** Don’t forget to scroll down inside the SurveyMonkey box! There are three questions and an optional contact form at the end.

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So What’s Next

If you’ve listened to more than 3 episodes of my podcast, 7 Minutes In the Morning then you’ve probably heard me say that the job of a business owner is to solve problems for their customers. Well, this is the first step…

Being Authentic & Transparent

Authenticity and transparency are two characteristics of how I do business and they are really important to me. What you see is what you get, I’ve got nothing to hide! Your responses to this survey will help me understand the challenges my audience faces on a day-to-day basis and the language you use to describe them. By understanding those things better, I can do a better job developing solutions that will help you reach your goals. (As much as I’m NOT a fan of this phrase) Its a win-win for both of us!

Your input is important because this is your opportunity to tell me what’s on your mind, what your challenges are and get it on my radar. If you are facing a challenge or problem and don’t share, there’s no way I can help.

A Big Network, But…

Yes, its true, I’m connected to a lot of people, and you guys are connected to MANY MORE and I’d love to get their input also. So, use the social buttons here on the page and share with your network!

Every answer makes the result stronger!