The Millionaire Messenger (Free Press, 2011)

You know, I’m not really sure at this point how I came to know of Brendon, but his work has made a huge difference in my life. This book, The Millionaire Messenger, outlines how to find your message, structure it, package it, and make a living from selling it.

If you’ve ever considered making a living sharing your experiences, this is the book for you!

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Success is a funny thing… we all want it and very few of us can say with conviction what it is! Well over the past few months I think I’ve found out why…

“Success is a personal and unique thing for each of us, no single definition can be applied across the board, each of us must find our own SUCCESS!”

After working through this process with several clients, friends and small groups they are getting AMAZING results and I get repeated requests for more information and to share my “secret” framework.

(Honestly, I don’t know if its a secret or not, but I’ve never seen this method anywhere else.)

So here’s the thing… before I put together a program around this framework, I want to make sure it answer ALL the pressing questions around time management, results and success… and that’s where YOU come in!

Take a few minutes and answer the questions above! Your input will help make sure I’m hitting all the bases!

Its that simple, just a couple of questions. I appreciate it!!

— Thom

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